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Our Story

We are located in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, 

the south western part of British Columbia, Canada.

Westham Island

The historic roots of Westham Island are woven into our wines and into our hearts. Visitors say our tranquil country setting is like going back in time, with its quiet roads and heritage berry farms. The 325m bridge which connects us to the mainland was built between 1909 - 1912, and is one of the few remaining wooden swing bridges in the world.

Our Estate Winery

Angel Estate is blessed with rich soil, ample rain and gentle sunshine, yielding some of Canada’s most elegant fruit wines. Since 1982, we have perfected our natural growing methods, honouring each handpicked berry by our choice to remain pesticide-free. To preserve flavour and ensure quality, each batch is gently hand washed and carefully inspected by our resident winemakers.

Our Berry Wines

Real berries go into our fermentation tanks; we don’t believe in fruit juice concentrates, artificial flavours. Small batches are meticulously hand-crafted by our French - European winemakers using classic techniques. Our range of dry fruit wines are velvety and fragrant, with a flavour as expansive as the breathtaking flatlands they were cultivated upon. 

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